Introducing Domain Stalker

This project came to be out of a personal need, scratching an itch as they say, to monitor certain domains of interest: to be dutifully notified when they expire and are about to be dropped, when they're put up for sale, when they are developed etc.

Thus, it was decided to open the service to others who want to be able to monitor domain names.

The service was engineered with the KISS principle in mind ("keep it simple stupid"). After you add a domain name it's literally a set and forget type of service:

  1. Add a domain name
  2. DomainStalker starts monitoring it
  3. Receive alerts on any change in its WHOIS

Your domain stalkers are not tied to the initial domain name. You can remove and add a new domain name whenever you want, as many times as you want. Basically, the number of domain stalkers you have = the number of domain names you can stalk.


If you have any ideas on how the service can be improved, be sure to get in touch . Same thing goes if you've stumbled upon something that looks like a bug (it usually is).

Always interested to hear back from users.